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Although a long-time supporter of Arizona's voter-passed and innovative Clean Elections initiative, Paul is unable to run as a "Clean Elections Candidate". Legislative District 12 has been a swing district for several years, which means that candidates - and, special interests - have had to raise and spend much more than Clean Elections provides. Even with the redistricting in progress, that is unlikely to change in 2022. In fact, it could become a more expensive race, rather than less expensive.

However, as someone who was in the forefront of reporting on the rise of "dark money," Paul will NOT permit anonymous independent expenditures (e.g. Super PAC) spending on his behalf. (If such an IE is made, Paul will denounce it and call for it to be taken down.)Β 

So, Paul is going to rely on contributions from YOU and people like you. The state limit is $5,300/individual. Please do NOT give more than you can afford!