Protecting Democracy


The continuing attacks on our elections—and, thus, on our democracy—are a key reason why Paul is running for the Arizona State House. He has been involved in Arizona elections his entire adult life. As both a reporter and an elections observer, he has a first-hand, behind-the-scenes understanding of how honest and secure our elections have become and of how professional our elections administrators are. As an attorney, he frequently litigates elections cases, has interpreted our laws and proposed new laws, and has testified about some of them.

Paul will continue to fight against those who undermine our elections with unfounded claims of fraud and then use those claims as an excuse to make voting more difficult under the guise of “security.” He believes these efforts are a form of voter suppression.

Paul has also been at the forefront of reporting on the mushrooming use of “dark money” in Arizona elections, and other campaign finance issues. Paul plans to be an effective force in passing the Stop Dark Money Initiative and other laws aimed at increasing election transparency and accountability.

Protecting Arizona’s Public Schools

Paul and his kids are proud products of Arizona’s public education system. Whether or not that’s true for your family, Arizona needs a strong educational system. Except for a brief Red for Ed period, public schools have been under sustained attack at the Legislature. As a result, Arizona currently ranks 49th among states for per-pupil funding. Paul will work to protect public education’s current funding by opposing efforts to shift public tax dollars from public to charter schools through vouchers and by challenging other legislation that threatens school funding. He will also work with his colleagues to find ways to improve public education for all of Arizona’s children.

Protecting Reproductive Rights

Reproductive rights are being threatened across the U.S. and right here in Arizona. Multiple cases have made it to the U.S. Supreme Court, and the 9th Circuit Court is set to consider Arizona’s latest attack on reproductive rights—a law banning abortion due to a fetal condition or diagnosis and defining fetuses, embryos, and fertilized eggs as people starting at conception. Now, more than ever, Arizonans need strong advocates in the state legislature to protect Roe v. Wade and reproductive rights. Paul deeply respects people’s personal and religious beliefs. However, the beliefs of some cannot be permitted to override the beliefs, rights and personal autonomy of others. Arizona’s latest anti-abortion law must be repealed.

Protecting Arizona’s Water and Environment

Our state is one of exceptional beauty and diversity. However, that is part of what makes us susceptible to the varied impacts of climate change, including extreme heat and long-term drought. Our Legislature must take a leadership role in combatting the climate crisis—enacting policies that encourage renewable energy and other green solutions, protecting natural places, managing our ever-shrinking water reservoirs. Both the groundwater and drought contingency plans need updating, a process that will require serious diplomacy. We have a moral responsibility to preserve this beautiful planet for our children, grandchildren, and future generations.

Improving Our State by Working Together on Many Issues

It is not good enough to simply protect things. We also need to move forward and make things better… on so many fronts. We need to continue bending the arc towards justice, we need to expand civil rights, and we need to continue making Arizona a state where both businesses and people will want to be and stay.


When Paul co-founded 11+ years ago, he published a series of articles titled “Beyond Hyper-Partisanship.” Unfortunately, extreme partisanship has only grown worse since then, and there have been no recent additions to that series. And it is no coincidence that confidence in our government has plummeted concurrently. Ever the optimist, Paul hopes to help reduce partisanship in the Arizona House by listening to and working with people from differing viewpoints while not abandoning his core values.